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The very popular and expensive Sidr and Summur (Samrah) honey is known throughout the world because of their amazing taste and health benefits. These two types of honey have the honor of being considered the finest kind in the world. They are among the few types of honey that also features antibacterial properties.

Only a limited amount of Sidr and Summur honey is produced every single year yet the demand continues to grow. As a result, the price of these types of honey has skyrocketed and is only expected to become more expensive as the years go by.


While there are similar types of honey that can be found throughout the world, only the Yemeni Sidr honey has the distinction of being the world’s finest. The Sidr trees have played a crucial role in herbal medicine for thousands of years, the tree is considered sacred and has been used as a natural medicine for centuries.

While the fruits from the tree have been the most commonly used part of the tree, it was later found that the bees which harvest the nectar from the Sidr trees made a honey that had some amazing properties.

Furthermore, not all bottles of Sidr honey are the same. The purer the Sidr honey is, the more expensive it can be. Honey can come with any number of additives and or contaminants. When it comes to the best, you will find that the price of Sidr honey can be quite overwhelming. However, because of the many great medicinal and health benefits associated with the daily consumption of the product, the price is worth it.

For the most part, when it comes to using Sidr honey for its many health benefits, all that you need to do is to take a small spoonful of it every single day. Keep in mind that it tastes very good and while you may be tempted to consume more, remember that the more you consume, the more expensive it can cost you :)


1. Sidr honey: It is a mono-floral honey and the best kind of honey in the world . Its unique quality, outstanding taste and medical make it the most preferred honey. Extracted by bees from Sidr flowers nectar only.

2. Summur / Sumrah honey: It is a mono-floral honey. It comes in the second rank after Sidr honey. Extracted by bees from Sumrah flowers nectar.

3. Mara’i honey: It is poly-floral honey. It is ordinary honey extracted by bees from the flowers nectar of different trees.

The main difference in the quality of honey is due to its source (monofloral i.e honey extracted from one type of flowers or polyfloral i.e honey extracted from different types of flowers by honey bees).

Research done on different honeys confirmed that floral source, climate when the honey is being harvested and soil composition are all key factors in determining not only its flavor, color or aroma but also its quality and efficacy for medicinal purposes.

Another important factor affecting honey's curative qualities is purity. Only crude, unprocessed and unadulterated honey is shown to be effective. High price of Sidr honey is because of its medicinal properties and limited availability. It is the most expensive honey due to its believed healing properties that include rejuvenating properties in addition to its cosmetic and aphrodisiacal qualities.

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